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“Craig offered EXCEPTIONAL financial support. Always curious -- rigorous and on-the-ball, in a friendly manner while providing useful guidance. Great with budgets, income statements, balance sheets, cashflow statements and strategic plans. Anyone should be grateful and glad to work for Craig.”


George Goldhoff

Pure Canadian Gaming

President and CEO

I had the pleasure of working with Craig for many years while we grew

and strengthened our construction company in Edmonton Alberta. Craig was instrumental in assisting us implement functionality and structure

to our accounting processes throughout our growth.


Craig goes far and beyond expectations while working with ownership and staff, relishing being in a lead role. Within a business setting, so often obstacles present themselves and Craig is able to consistently bring

positive solutions to help overcome those.


I highly recommend CK One Solutions and look forward to

working with Craig in future endeavors.


Robb Munroe

Director , Macroe Group of Companies

Image by Doran Erickson

I had the opportunity to work with Craig for several years at Sherritt Coal, while Craig held various roles including the CFO position for Sherritt Coal. Craig is a hard working professional with several key attributes that contributed to the success of our business.


First, Craig places an emphasis on formulating quick solutions to problems, and it is this swiftness that is frequently required in business to keep moving forward. In developing his solutions, Craig routinely demonstrated strong organizational skills and a straight forward demeanour. His knowledge of financial and business operations was quite valuable throughout his time with the company. 


Craig also helped our business maneuver through several complex business decisions. Many of these complex problems were in areas of commercial negotiations, operational effectiveness and human resources. Put another way, Craig was in his comfort zone when contributing as part of our executive team on business issues that were beyond the routine scope of a finance executive. 


Lastly, I also greatly appreciated Craig’s leadership skills, particularly his interest in being a leader, a teacher, and a coach. Craig projects a positive outlook and relished the opportunity to work with all levels of our company from upper level management to the receptionist.  He particularly liked helping junior to intermediate managers learn.

I developed a long-term relationship with Craig and look forward to working with him again.


Sean A. McCaughan

Senior Vice President, Sherritt Coal (2012-2014)

People Clapping

­­­­­­­­­­­I worked with Craig on a very complex, time sensitive project where CK One Solutions offered an advisory role for a US GAAP transaction. He had a tremendous grasp of the objective in addition to the details required to facilitate a successful execution. His ability to organize and coordinate stakeholders from various divergent backgrounds was impressive. In accomplishing the same, he displayed the ability to articulate in a manner understandable by all. 


Michael Wilde, CA

Michael Wilde CA Professional Corporation

"Craig has turned our finance department from the area where I had the least faith in accuracy to a department that brings value and insight throughout the organization."

Please take a listen to this 2 minute video testimonial to hear some more comments from Don. 


Don Cooper

President & CEO, Innovator Industrial Services

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