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Financial Leadership:

Some examples on how we can help...

Case Study #1


ABC Equipment Inc. - A medium sized family company in the manufacturing industry, ABC Equipment, is exceeding sales expectations and is operating at 100% of production capacity. Everything is going as the owners initially dreamed it would, but unfortunately, cash flow remains very tight, payments always seem to be due before receivables are collected, the owners are working constantly, and employees are getting tired and some are leaving.


How does ABC Equipment get out of this cycle? Where can ABC Equipment find some cash to increase their production capacity and take some of the pressure off? How do you decide when to move to the next level? CK One Solutions can help you work through these decisions as we analyze your current situation, evaluate the pros and cons of your options, and make recommendations on next steps.

Analysing the Numbers
Case Study #2

R&R Services Inc. – A small sized business in the telecommunications services industry, R&R Services Inc. is generally meeting the expectations of their very involved owners. Sales are decent, they hired a couple new employees this year, they paid out small bonuses to everyone last year, and customers are generally satisfied.


But... the two brothers who own the company are more “technical guys” than “business guys”, and they often feel uncertain if they are doing the right thing or if there is a whole bunch of untapped potential hiding just around the corner. They would love some consistent business advice, and have even considered adding a full-time CA to operate as their CFO/Controller, but feel like they cannot afford that commitment, and really cannot see how that could be a full-time position as their current bookkeeper is really good at what he does.


CK One Solutions is an affordable option to provide them some of that advice they are looking for, oversee their accounting and finance needs when things get complicated, and support them in a long-term engagement of 5 – 10 hours per month or quarter.

Two Men Shaking Hands
Case Study #3

AJK Construction Co.  – A well-respected and successful business in Alberta for nearly 50 years with annual revenues in excess of $500 million, AJK Construction Co. has a big challenge ahead of it. One of the owners is retiring and the other owner is nearing retirement, and the transition has been more complicated than expected.


These two leaders have been the heart of the company forever! The uncertainty has caused anxiety amongst some of the senior management team, with some of them clamoring all over each other to get the CEO position while a couple people, including the risk averse CFO, have simply left the company.  AJK Construction Co. needs an interim CFO to step in while they sort out the transition, but management also wants to take advantage of this transition period to let the Controller step up and take part of the responsibility previously carried by the CFO and see how she performs.


CK One Solutions can step into an interim CFO role 2 days per week to help get AJK Construction Co. through this difficult period and make sure the finance function does not miss a beat, while also offering an outside perspective on process improvements and organizational structure recommendations.

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