Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne

We will:

  • Solve problems and get to the issue

  • Do what we say we are going to do

  • Keep things simple

  • Make recommendations that are legitimate (no motherhood statements!)

  • Lead individuals and teams

  • Provide process improvements

  • Solve complicated accounting issues







Craig believes leadership involves staying a step ahead of issues, delivering results, and communicating well.


C - Clarify Expectations
A - Agree on Objectives
R - Review Progress
E - Equip for the Task


CK One Solutions approachs each role with this perspective in mind, to CARE about your business, while effectively carrying out each of the aforementioned principles.





A strong accountant “tells the story behind the numbers.”


There is great value in the role of a finance department in all companies so it is important to have capable people and processes in place to allow finance teams to do their best in a constantly changing and complicated environment. However, simply getting the numbers right does very little to help the business generate more cash flow or improve the bottom line.  


Craig has been very successful over the years in leading teams that get the numbers right and operate efficiently, but he is convinced that the greatest reason for his success in the business world has been my ability to clearly explain and simplify financial figures to enable key decision makers to make the best decisions.


CK One Solutions has a unique focus in that we can bring executive level experience to your business on an interim or part-time basis.