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We believe in the value of giving back. It is one of the ways we demonstrate our gratitude for what we have received in life. 


There are many creative ways for businesses to give to charities - traditionally it includes financial donations and giving time; but it can also include inspiring employees and clients/suppliers to get engaged as well.



In our case, we have decided to focus our commitment to being involved in the global fight against poverty. Through our research and life experiences, we have come to believe that micro-finance is one of the best tools to help lift families and communities out of poverty and enable them to move forward to a better future.


Our charity of choice is Opportunity International Canada. OI provides access to financial solutions; thus, empowering people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities. OI has also been very creative in challenging SME's (small to medium sized businesses) to engage in giving back in many new ways.

CK One Solutions has been working with some friends and business connections to form "Trust Groups", where we have committed to donate a certain amount of money over 3 year periods to projects in Colombia and Dominican Republic. We are currently in our second Trust Group and have seen nearly $500,000 raised within these groups over the last five years.


We are very excited to be able to get involved in this way!


For more information, please contact me or do some exploring online...


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