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Product Sourcing: 
Here are a couple examples on how we can help...

Lawn Mower Setup
Case Study #1


John's AB HoldCo Inc. - “John” has decided to invest his money as an entrepreneur. He sees an opportunity in selling lawnmower blades imported directly from an overseas manufacturer, but he has no knowledge at all about the factories and how to contact them directly.


We help John find the best quality product from the most reliable suppliers, we can arrange samples,
inspections, product development, negotiate payment terms, conditions and order follow up to ensure the right product and the right price according to the specifications required.

Hardware Tools
Case Study #2


The Tool Shack - Bob (aka "Bob the Builder") and his management team have been in the hardware and tools business for 15 years. They are planning to open new shops to increase business. On the other hand, they are getting tired of fighting over prices with competitors and local wholesalers’ suppliers for the brands they represent. The margin is low, and the negotiations are becoming less effective.


CK One Solutions can help this company to avoid the wholesaler distributor and develop business directly with the manufacturer, including developing their own brand according to their specifications and at a higher profit margin for their business.

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