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Sales Management: 
Here is an example on how we can help...

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Case Study #1


LuluLime Inc. - The CEO, Sara, is concerned because her company is having a difficult time reaching their sales goals. The roles within their sales team are poorly defined and they also lack infrastructure.


Sara's attitude for many years has been "I can do this by myself - I do not need to pay someone". 


She serves as the sales manager but is too focused on the financial and logistical processes of the company, therefore, no one really manages sales, (or the sales team manages themselves). As a result, the sales team is growing complacent and has failed to reach their full potential. Recently, Sara has started to consider hiring a new sales manager, but the cost for her small business is prohibitive.


By hiring CK One Solutions, we will focus on the highest impact activities in only a portion of the week. We can add a new business perspective to add value to the sales division, while getting the best out of the current sales team, developing best practices and augmenting the management skill that Sara needs, but at a cost she can afford.

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