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Jair Rios

Jair Rios is a professional, dynamic, top-performing business development & sales executive manager with a proven ability to pinpoint opportunities.

Jair has 14 years of experience with a track record of great accomplishments in product sourcing, supply chain management, and sales planning that is in tune with business needs.

Jair has built most of his experience working directly with Chinese suppliers sourcing and developing a successful wide range of products for Colombian and Venezuelan markets such as hardware, tools, outdoor power equipment, agricultural machinery, home appliances, toys, technology, and many others.

Jair had the opportunity to develop experience working for 3 years as a Sales Manager under the changing and demanding economical, political, and social conditions to work in these particular countries.



"La clave de cualquier negocio es entender que las oportunidades no pasan, las creas."

The key to any business is understanding that the opportunities don't just happen, you create them. 

Jair Rios

Business Development Manager

CK One Solutions

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